Nissan Delivers a Versa Note to One Lucky Buyer in an Enormous Amazon Box
Создана 5 лет 11 месяцев 1 день 16 часов назад
Reddit blows automaker's cover By David Griner When Nissan offered to sell its Versa...
Bud Light Teases Epic Night With Arnold, Reggie Watts and Don Cheadle Super Bowl ads feature giant stunt centered on 'unsuspecting guy'
Создана 5 лет 10 месяцев 21 день 14 часов назад
Just a day after we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger would appear in one of Bud Light's Super Bowl ads...
Samsung Goes 'Real, Raw and Pitiless' in Gritty Paralympics Ad Athletes have problems, just not with their bodies
Создана 5 лет 9 месяцев 11 дней 16 часов назад
"The idea of 'Sport Doesn't Care' is that sport is the great leveler," says Carlo Cavallone...
Ad of the Day: Cute, Quirky Chevy Commercial on the Oscars Was Made for $4,000
Создана 5 лет 9 месяцев 6 дней 13 часов назад
Winner of Chevy and MOFILM's international Oscars competition Imagination and ingenuity can drive...
Toshiba Creates Futurama-esque Ad Mocking Its Own Industry Brand distances itself from the hype of 'Sillycon Valley'
Создана 5 лет 4 месяца 22 дня 12 часов назад
Toshiba skewers a certain hype-driven West Coast tech-topia in the brand's new animated spot...
Ad of the Day: Teleflora Finds Fresh Use for Vince Lombardi in Powerful Ad for Mother's Day
Создана 3 года 7 месяцев 14 дней 21 час назад
Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi was one tough mother. And he liked flowers, as far as anyone knows. So...
Axe Kills 'Sexy Beast' Campaign, Calling It Out of Step With Its 'Progressive' New Direction
Создана 3 года 7 месяцев 11 дней 21 час назад
Axe on Wednesday killed a campaign from DDB Puerto Rico that dealt in regressive, simplistic notions of...
Why Video-Game Stephen Curry Is Thrilled About Real-Life Stephen Curry's MVP Award
Создана 3 года 6 месяцев 29 дней 11 часов назад
Something strange happened with Stephen Curry this season—well, stranger than his usual otherworldly feats....
Ad of the Day: Air Canada Sends Response Videos to Trump-Wary Americans on Twitter
Создана 3 года 5 месяцев 29 дней 21 час назад
Move to Canada? Who'd want to do that, especially with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee working...
Adweek Podcast: Let's Talk About the Year's Best Media Plans
Создана 3 года 2 месяца 24 дня 16 часов назад
Creative brilliance doesn't require a big budget—but it does require a big idea. And this week...
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