Want to Shift Ad Dollars Out of TV Into Web Video? Good Luck With That

With the upfront looming, and increasing pressure to be innovative, many advertisers and agencies today are in a headlong race to shift and diversify their TV ad budgets, taking greater advantage of multiplatform-platform "video." And why not? TV advertising is expensive and campaign reach is declining thanks to audience fragmentation.

However noble and well-intentioned, however, the expectations of many of these advertisers and agencies are unrealistic, particularly those calling for 10% to 20% budget shifts out of TV into digital video. That's because, you see, 97% of all video viewing in the U.S. still occurs on TV. Yes. Whether the data is from Nielsen, Pew or eMarketer, all agree that only a small fraction of video viewing in the U.S. today occurs on devices other than the TV.

Clients can say that they want to spend 10% to 20% of their "video" budgets on platforms other than TV -- but saying it doesn't make it so, or even possible, particularly if audience reach matters and you want to demonstrate any sense of cost-effectiveness. Here is why:

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Advertising Age18 марта 2013